Apr 12, 2012

Japanese Eye makeup remover

Since I was a teenager, I use mascara everyday. 
I must say Japanese Mascara remover is genius! It is the glory of the country!
When I was living in the america, I couldn't find good makeup remover, skin lotion (not toner! nor cream. I need moisturizing lotion! ), cotton facial pads.
I tried many products but I never satisfied. they even gave me a rash...

Anyway, This is my favorite Japanese mascara and remover.
water proof mascara
mascara remover!
Both products are from 'Kiss Me Heroine Make Mascara' series.

Apply mascara remover to your eyelashes. wait for a few minutes. Use cotton or tissue to remove the liquid.
comb shape.
with no rubbing needed! It's work so well!!!
water mascara on

It's so useful!!! and less than $10! I love it!


  1. i love your blog <3 going to (and living in) japan has been my dream<3 If all goes well I will be vacationing there for a wk this august. Is august a good time to visit Japan??

    I also have the Kiss Me mascara remover. Check out my review here:


    1. Thank you for the comment, beautyanon!
      I read your blog!! It's fun to see cosmetic reports♪Nice!
      August in Japan is hot and humidity! I recommend that you get fan, hat, parasol and sunscreen!

      anyway, when you visit Japan, You will love the PURIKURA (photo sticker booth). Try and Enjoy it!!!