Feb 6, 2013

@cosme - The Best of Cosmetic Award of 2012

I've been using'@cosme' for 10 years.
'@cosme' is the most popular and largest Cosmetic website in Japan.
It's all about Cosmetic and Beauty.

"@cosme is a general portal site that provides fun and helpful information for consumers. It started as a Cosmetic Community for anyone to post their comments from the actual use as "word of mouth". Almost 10millon consumers posted on the site, and this number is one of the Japanese largest. And it also provides the ranking by word of mouth, Q&A on Skincare, Make-up, and various information on Beauty "2012@cosme Best Cosume Awards", is announced by ranking of the products that gathered the support of users posted by "word of mouth" in a year.
This time, we proudly announce the awarded products, including "the Grand Prize" in 39 categories selected from over 50 thousands products and millions of Young to older women."
You can read tons reviews on '@cosme'.
I always checking them before I buy new cosmetic products.

and, I just found they have English ver. The Best of Cosmetic Award of 2012!!!!  HERE.

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