Nov 5, 2011

Beauty Witch(BIMAJYO)

I like surfing the internet since I've got a my own laptop.
Recently, I hit an article about BIMAJYO on internet. and, I was impressed!
BIMAJYO means Beauty Witch in Japanese.  It's referring to women who is over 35 years old and they are aging graceful and beautiful.

I'm so surprised this women is 43 years old!

I mean how???
Her daughter is 18 years old.... I can't believe it...
here is her blog. MASAKO'S LIFE STYLE.

Next ageless women.
You won't believe, but she was born in 1972!!!

She is a popular Japanese musician since the 90's.
I love her! So so so so sooooo cute!!! Don't you think so??
I love her voice, lyrics, fashion, sense and beauty. and I think I can sing almost all of her songs!
well, I would say she is kind like a 'Japanese bjork' instead of calling as a 'Beauty Witch'.

Next one is a Japanese fashion model, RISA HIRAKO born in 1971. So, she is in her 40's!

Here is her blog. Candy Talk.
Should I cut my bangs like her? Is it make me look younger???
I wonder... how she succeeds in keeping her beauty of skin!?
I began to be bothered by my wrinkles around my eyes..... It's not fair!!

OK, I will have to put on a face mask tonight!
See you!


  1. I was a big fan of JUDY AND MARY when I was a high school student!!!

  2. Thank you for the comment miho!
    Yes, they were our pop star!