Nov 15, 2011

Kyoto + Green Tea = ...♡

Konnichiwa! Hello! Hola! Bonjour!

When you think about Japan, I believe many people think of Kyoto and green tea. Am I right?! Of course, I love both of them and a friend of mine taught me about a great thing that is heavily involved with them. Plus, it is so delicious!

Yes, cookies!!!
(langue de chat, white chocolate sandwiched between two of them)

They are called 茶の菓 (CHA NO KA) in Japanese.
茶 (CHA) is a Chinese character for tea, and 菓 (KA) means sweets or pastries. の is a Hiragana (Japanese character) and means "of" in this situation.
They say they use special お濃茶 (OKOICHA) which means strong green tea for the cookies.

My friends say these cookies are very popular and famous but I have never had them until the friend suggested me to try some. Thank you my friend!

Though, I know some people can not take green tea... if you are the one of them, I am sorry... I have heard some people were saying that eating green tea something is like eating grass and make them feel like being horses... I totally understand. It is not easy to understand other cultures but I think that is why it is fun!

In addition, the package of the cookies is so gorgeous!

This is perfect for Omiyage (gift/souvenir) to someone special too.
Actually, I brought a box of 茶の菓 for my French friend the other day and she was so amazed by the package and everything!

Their web site says their cookies are very popular in Paris too. So if you are from around there, you might heard of them before!?
They have an online shopping website, but they do not ship to outside of Japan unfortunately...

So, if you are in Japan or planning to visit, please try some or buy some for an Omiyage! But be careful... since it is really good, it is very difficult to eat a little... that happened to me! I could not help popping them into my mouth!

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