Dec 21, 2011

Put a warm under wear on!!!

It's getting colder and colder and colder and colder in Japan!
Hi! How are you doing?
I'm in Japan, a warm area. but I must tell you. It's cold!
I can't live without warm under wear...
It might be not so sexy with woolen under wear stuff. but I'm OK. 
and, actually It's not so bad. Warm under wear is not only for baby or grand mother in nowadays.

My favorite warm under wear is from UNIQLO.
They are genius!
If you do ski, snow board or some kind of winter sports, You should check out UNIQLO heattech products. 
UNIQLO is always cheap like GAP or ZARA but they are selling unique technology. and I like it.

I personally interested in a HARAMAKI PANTS. HARAMAKI means warm belly band.
So, It's super high-rise pants.
I have warm belly band.  also have warm under wear pants. but I don't have HARAMAKI pants yet.

Santa clause! Can you hear me? Please give me a HARAMAKI pants for me!

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