Mar 6, 2012

Disposable Body Warmer

Hi there!
I visited to Turkey last month for a week, and I have something interesting that I found while I was in there.

My friend can't take cold place. She was keep shaking her hand with a Hand Warmer 'カイロ' to warm her hands up.

I'm not sure there are Hand Warmer in Turkey.
but, They were keep asking 'What is that?'  'Can I touch?'.

There are many kind of Body Warmer in Japan. For hand, for toe, and Stick on type body warmer.
peel off the seal, then put body warmer on your cloth.
I do put it inside of Jacket. Spring is almost there. but still it's cold...
If you find them, Try it!


  1. Hello, I'm looking to buy this type of body warmer. Please send me a contact email. Thank you. My email is

    1. Hello! Thank you for reading our blog!
      I think You could buy it on Amazon Japan
      or, if you are living in the US, they do have almost the same stuff on Amazon USA