Jan 1, 2013

New Year's resolution:KIMONO

Happy New Year everyone!
my New Year's resolution is try more KIMONO!!!
Wishing all of you a very wonderful and bright 2013♪

kimono style

ALDO leather boots, ¥9,725 / Kate Spade , ¥23,935 / Alexander McQueen , ¥229,720 / Lodis zip bag, ¥8,095 / Uroco wedding clutch, ¥11,710 / Kate Spade jewelry, ¥25,400 / Tiffany & Co. tiffany co, ¥15,065 / Feather stud earrings, ¥1,380 / Levi's levi s, ¥2,410 / Coach, ¥25,655 / Burberry , ¥55,960 / NARS Cosmetics sheer makeup, ¥2,065 / NARS Cosmetics , ¥2,240 / Comme des Garçons fragrance, ¥8,180 / Shu uemura beauty product, ¥5,940 / Butter London , ¥1,205 / 【楽天市場】整のきもの【Ichimatsu】:くるり SHIKKI 楽天市場店 / 【楽天市場】生活雑貨 >テーブルウェア >陶器・磁器 >波佐見焼・磁器【富士山 ぐい呑み】:くるり SHIKKI 楽天市場店


  1. I went to a shrine in Kimono last week but didn't take any photos of myself... I'd love to wear Kimono more often too!!! :)

    1. Hi miho san! Happy New Year!
      You visited there for HATUMOUDE? with KIMONO? such a Japanese girl! Great!
      I didn't even go to shrine...oops..
      I've been checking Kimono on internet, it seems much cheaper than what I expected. I’m going to buy some of them♪

    2. I bought some of my Kimono, Obi and things on Yahoo auction. If you are just looking for casual ones, it'd be a good place to shop which I think :)

    3. Sounds perfect!!!
      I'll check it out♪ Thank you very much!!