Jan 30, 2012

Las Vegas Burger from Japanese Mcdonald's

Do you remember I posted about Grand Canyon Burger?

I show you Las Vegas Burger this time!

I don't know what exactly Las Vegas is and how that Burger supposed to be.. but, it was yummy! also it's fun!

It's interesting that Japanese people are so into America.
Yes, of corse, I am too!
Next is Broadway Burger.  I will have to check out!!!


  1. Thank you for the comment AVY, It's nice to meet u☆
    I guess Japanese people expect Las Vegas is not so big but cheesy.

  2. Zeplin Uteh2/20/12, 2:17 PM

    maybe more kau meeat.

  3. Hi Zeplin, Thank you for the comment!
    yeah, its mystery meat in it.