Aug 8, 2012

Japanese Expression "Kimo-Kawaii"

Konnichiwa! Hello! Hola! Bonjour!

I saw this video on Yahoo! JAPAN's web page this morning.
How to make a Kimo-Kawaii paper plane with legs on it...!!!

The expression "Kimo-Kawaii" is used commonly among the younger generation in Japan these days.

Kimochiwarui + Kawaii = Kimo-Kawaii

Kimochiwarui (きもちわるい・気持ち悪い) means disgusting / gross.
Kawaii (かわいい・可愛い) means, of course, cute / pretty as everyone knows.
So... Kimo-Kawaii is used for something gross but cute at the same time. haha

This Nameko (なめこ) character is one of Kimo-Kawaii and popular now.

Enjoy Japanese Kimo-Kawaii ♡

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